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Freevoice OCC - Outbound Call Center Predictive Dialer

Freevoice OCC is a complete Outbound Call Center solution it will function as a Predictive Dialer, Ratio Dialer & Power Dialer.
Ideal for business environments where agents dial large amounts of outbound calls. Predictive Dialer's can significantly increase
agent productivity by eliminating agent dialing times, filtering out answering machines, and providing a central interface for
storing lead information.


Outbound agent-controlled, broadcast and predictive dialing
Full USA FTC-compliance capability
Web-based agent and administrative interfaces
Ability to have agents operate remotely
Integrated call recording
Ability to use standard Telco lines and VOIP trunks

+ Full Features List




Detailed Agents Screens



Auto Filling Script Pages



Create Your Own Dispositions



Live action Campaign screens with Listen and Barge features



Advanced Administrator capabilities



Detailed  Reporting Capabilities

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Understanding Your Terminals

Our Freevoice systems can utilize a wide range of telephones.

Traditional Office Phone - Multi-line phone with Informational display and custom programmable buttons for making, taking,  and transferring calls around standard office environments. We carry the Aastra, Polycom & Grandstream telephones.
PC Softphone Phone - All the features of a traditional office phone at the click of a mouse in a low cost or free software client with a PC headset. Great for call center employees or second extensions for home or mobile workers. (X-Lite, SJ Phone, Zoiper)

T-Mobile Android Handset - Combining the best of both worlds. T-Mobile Smart-phone handsets let you take your office phone and email with you on the go. Using the wireless Internet you can make and receive calls from your office system. Connects over Wi-Fi in the home and office, 3G outside, and your traditional mobile account in off network areas.















Choose Any Phone Service -  Analog, T1/PRI or Voice over IP (VoIP) Phone Lines


Analog lines - Also known as traditional phone service, Analog has been around since the late 1800's and is very reliable with a hardwired connection between you and the phone company a still function during a power outage. Due to the dedicated copper wires required and lack of competition analog is usually the most costly type of service.
T1/ PRI or Digital - Is a digital phone circuit delivering 24 voice lines down a single pair of copper wires. This allows advanced features like multiple phone numbers known as DID's. Long Distance T1’s can bypass the local carrier and get very low outbound and Inbound Toll free rates. Normally require a monthly circuit or loop charge.  Long term contracts and lengthy installation times are common.

VoIP or Voice over IP - Also known as SIP is fast emerging as the service of choice for many businesses. VoIP uses your existing Internet connection avoiding “circuit charges”. Open global competition keeps prices low. With proper bandwidth management VoIP can achieve higher call quality and reliability over T1 PRI with out long term contracts or expensive hardware.

Unlimited Support w purchase of Freevoice Monthly Support Plans!

This ensures your Freevoice digital phone system is configured correctly to make and receive phone calls, Additional time is spent training your System Admin on the programming interface. Registered Freevoice users have access to the Freevoice Library of User Guides, Admin guides, Training Videos and our online support system.

For ongoing technical support including Online Help Access, telephone support, emergency afterhours support and software updates
we proudly offer support agreements to fit any budget, systemor customer. With a Freevoice Support Agreement you can count on
getting your questions answered promptly by a live support professional. More information can be found online at

Support plans are highly recommend for companies with large systems or limited IT staff.

Save 60-80% Off Retail!





Extremely cost-effective and easy to manage. Perfect for any company wanting that big business feel, with an even smaller price...

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